Receive great food
and high quality service

R’Jabs’ Passion is to act as one system with Christianity and moral values and create an eatery that offers a special eating experience that makes you smile and creates lifelong customers. * Food you crave * Comeback value * Customer-focused teams

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Good food is hard to find! Here at Rjabs, we're honored to be your neighborhood spot that meets the need of our community. Tell a friend and spread the word, we love new customers.

If it's just a quick pickup, call-in, or you want to sit and eat, Rjabs is more than welcome to have you. At JABS you can't hit just one WING, you have to KNOCK all of'em OUT!

We believe in customer satisfaction so your feedback gives us an idea on what we need to do to make the experience at Rjabs top quality. We're on Yelp, FaceBook, & Twitter. Leave us your feedback.